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Zambolis apartments
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cool Britannia

The weather is not at all nice where I am at the moment - in a nutshell, it's freezing.

Good thing it isn't raining - the slight drizzle that does fall ocassionally feels like icy drops that do not liquefy, but drop down like snow flakes. It's cold and nasty - good weather for comfort food.

Fish and chips, and pie and mash - and the mushy peas were also good, at Fish and Chips at  theSpanish  Galleon, Greenwich. Cool British food.

Cool Britania.

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  1. Wow, love that Fiat. I have been fixating on Fiats lately but do not need, will not spend, shouldn't want a new car.
    That is one cute boy you have.
    That fish and chips looks yummy.

    1. Yes, he felt quite cool standing next to that car!

  2. I always avoid pie and mash and mushy peas as representative of the worst kind of British stodge. You certainly have to choose your pub / restaurant carefully over here. My niece lives in Greenwich, must invite myself over there and try this out.

    It's snowing lightly as I type this. Great stuff. I must be about the only person in the country who'd be perfectly happy for summer never to come.

  3. Ah...but the food does look so comforting!! Enjoy your time there! xo

  4. More or less the same weather we had last weekend changing from hail to snow to heavy rain. Your son looks almost like a teenager. I love fish and chips, getting ready for the greek version, bakaliaro skordalia on Evangelismou day..

  5. Handsome son you have there! Are you regretting coming here at this time? The weather is so foul, But worse outside London. Are you in South London? You should try some Caribbean food - I can recommend a small Guyanese restaurant near Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, plus a Trinidian one in Deptford Market, the Trini one is Chaconia.

  6. The Guyanese restaurant name is Umana Yana.