Zambolis apartments

Zambolis apartments
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I cook... (Μαγειρεύω)

People often come across my blog when looking for a particular recipe from the range in Greek cuisine. Some will find the recipe, and then go away, satisfied that they found what they were looking for. Sometimes they will be disappointed when they don't find the recipe they were looking for, because they read a long-winded story instead about the recipe they wanted, but couldn't make this recipe themselves.

But some of my readers - and these are the ones I write for - come back to read another food story again, because it will remind them of a summer they spent in Crete/Greece, or maybe their relatives/ancestors, or their mother's/grandmother's cooking, or maybe the homeland that they have given up for various reasons, in the same manner that my own parents did so.

I can't guarantee that you will learn how to make the following dishes, but I'd like to believe that you will have learnt something to take away with you when you leave this blog.

(L) = suitable for Lent;  for all other sweet recipes, where butter is mentioned (which I no longer use), you can use olive oil instead and the cake/biscuit will be lenten as long as it doesn't contain eggs.