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Zambolis apartments
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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Souvlaki home-made (Σουβλάκι σπιτικό)

We make our own souvlaki (otherwise known as kebabs or gyro) as a dinner snack usng leftover roast meat from the Sunday roast. They taste just like the real thing, and they don't have that greasy smell to them that lingers in takeaway outlets.

For each person, you need one pita bread; you can use a soft tortilla, Lebanese pita bread or any other round single-serving piece of bread. You can even use Indian chapatti, roti or naan if they are the size of a small plate. In Greece, pita bread can be bought from the deep-freeze supermarket counter; 10 to a packet cost 1 euro. I always keep a bag in my deep-freeze. They are very easy to defrost, and don't stick to one another.

Have ready some sliced tomato, thin onion rings, Greek-style yoghurt and paprika pepper. Cut some greaseproof paper into squares the size of the pita bread. Chop the roast meat into small pieces, and heat it up in a small non-stick saucepan. You need about 2-3 tablespoons of meat for each pita. You don't need to add oil or seasonings as you heat the meat, because it would have been seasoned when originally cooked.

pita yiro souvlaki
Home made souvlaki without the trimmings - the kid's version

Heat the pitas individually in a saucepan. Brush them with olive oil so that they don't burn in the pan. Place a heated pita on a paper square. Add 2-3 tablspoons of prepared meat in the middle of the pita, letting the meat spread out downwards, leaving the top part of the pita empty. Place some tomato and onion over the meat. Spoon some yoghurt over the middle of the mound of ingredients. Now roll it up, with the help of the greasproof paper, into the shape of an ice-cream cone. Then, take a paper napkin and roll the souvlaki up in that (for extra support). Sprinkle some paprika over the top. This dish can be messy; serve it on a plate!

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