Zambolis apartments

Zambolis apartments
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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Anemomilos (Ανεμόμυλος)

We had a little houseminding to do today. The house was situated by the sea in Tavronitis, northwest of the province of Hania. After feeding the rottweiler, we thought we deserved a treat - a meal by the sea. The weather was just right for lazing on a beach and going for a dip. We went to the beach - 300m from the house we were minding - and found a quiet cosy-looking canteen right by the sea (which was too rocky and became deep too suddenly for our liking, but we were too hungry to care). It was called Anemomilos - windmills - and it had thatched parapets over each outdoor table. There were also plastic sheets that could be drawn down in the same way as blinds, so that you could sit "indoors" on a wet spring day, or a cool summer evening. The bathroom consisted of a cylindrically-shaped building with a windmill on one side.
The canteen served simple fast food style meals; Christine had a club sandwich with chips, Aristotle had a hamburger and chips, hubby had three souvlakia (skewered grilled meat) with chips and I had a plate of deep-fried calamari (squid), which we washed down with a beer. We thoroughly enjoyed our junkfood. The atmosphere contributed immensely; soft music from the CD player, lulling waves crashing onto the beach, an adventure playground (not too close to the tables) for the children to play. We can't wait to go houseminding in the same place one more time.

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