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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Akrogiali (Ακρογιάλι)

I hate going out for lunch or dinner thses days in Crete, because the restaurants are very crowded at this time of year, and the food is never up to scratch, so we usually prepare and cook all our meals at home. Last Sunday, I was in a can't-be-boithered-cooking sort of mood, so my husband kindly suggested to me that we go out. As I mentioned earlier, I have little faith in the food cooked at our local taverns, so I suggested we go to an outdoor restaurant (they all are at this time of year) by the sea. We had recently been recommended a good fish taverna by a friend. It was located in a large coastal village half an hour out of Hania, in the Gulf of Kissamos, sandwiched between the Gramvousa and Rodopos peninsulas.
First of all, I have to tell you about the atmosphere. We sat at a table which was set on a raised platform just above a stony beach. The waves were crashing violently onto the stones, and there was a slight breeze - just the right kind to whet your appetite. The salty air stirred up our hunger just as we sat down. A few people were swimming, but the raging sea didn't appeal to me, even though I could tell it was quite shallow for a long way out.
Then the waitress came and told us the menu. No menu cards; she explained the different types of fish available, and told us how they were cooked. You could have had anything you wanted: kakavia (the Greek version of bouilliabaise), fresh kalamari, grilled swordfish, sea urchin salad, sole, groper fillets, various small fish fried, whitebait; any fish that came to mind was being served fresh that day. They also had a limited number of meat dishes, while the rest of the menu was made up of traditional Greek vegetarian fare.
We ordered roast pork for the children, while we feasted on grilled swordfish, freshly fried squid, octopus in wine sauce, Greek salad, freshly cut fried potatoes and stuffed vine leaves and zucchini flowers. This was served with the tavern's own fresh bread baked in a traditional oven, and we washed the lot down with some ice-cold beer. It was the best meal I had ever eaten out in all my years of living in Hania.

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